Weathervanes - Cupolas - Copper Finials

East Coast Weathervanes and Cupolas manufactures and sells high quality weathervanes, cupolas, copper finials, and weathervane and cupola products for the home and garden. We carry copper weathervanes, and steel weathervanes in dozens of designs and sizes. We stock a large variety of cupolas including vinyl cupolas, cedar cupolas, pine cupolas, copper cupolas, and metal cupolas. Our cupola selection features hundreds of beautiful designs for any size application from a small shed to a large barn or other building.

Also, we carry outdoor garden decor featuring kinetic copper wind spinners and copper garden spinners, copper mailboxes, vinyl birdhouses and vinyl birdfeeders, copper sun faces and more!

If you have any questions please to contact us at 1(800)986-2870

Cottage 3-D Rooster Weathervane Cottage 3-D Hummingbird Weathervane
Cottage 3-D Rooster Weathervane
List Price: $239.00
Retail Price: $179.00
Cottage 3-D Hummingbird Weathervane
List Price: $239.00
Retail Price: $179.00
Running Horse Weathervane
Retail Price: $289.00
8"W x 26"H - Square Birdfeeder
Retail Price: $179.00
Three Flying Geese Weathervane
Retail Price: $279.00
Copper Eagle Weathervane #259 Cottage 3-D Flying Pig Weathervane
Flying Pig Weathervane
Retail Price: $309.00
Cottage 3-D Flying Pig Weathervane
List Price: $239.00
Retail Price: $179.00
Grin Sunray
Retail Price: $79.00


orbiter copper wind spinner

Retail Price: $79.00
Material: 100% Pure Copper
Available Sizes: 14", 18", and 22"
Made in the USA