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Roof Pitch Guide for Cupolas

Most of our cupolas can take up to a 10/12 pitch. Use the guide below to find the pitch of your roof. If your pitch ends up being over 10/12, just specify when ordering and we will add an extended base to be sure the cupola will fit your roof pitch. Note: This guide is ONLY needed if you are buying a cupola!

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Easy Roof Pitch Guide (Does NOT require a ladder!)
1. Print a Pitch Guide Below
Determine which set of pitch guides below best matches your roof line. Click on the chosen image to enlarge the
drawing and then print it. (You may want to print both if the slope of your roof appears to be near 10/12 or 12/12.)
Shallower Pitches   Steeper Pitches


2. View Your Gable From a Distance
With printed drawing in hand, and at some distance from the actual gable, try to position yourself
directly in front of the gable. (This may be a second floor window of your neighbors home!) If you're not able to
get high enough, that's ok as long as you're directly in front of your gable. With printed pitch guide at arm's length, select the pitch lines that closest match your gable's roof pitch.


3. Cut Along Selected Pitch Lines
Cut along the edge of the selected pitch lines. From your vantage point, see if you can visually fit this 'peak' into the actual peak of your gable roof.


4. Let us know when order a Cupola
Now you know what the pitch of your roof is. When ordering a cupola, simply let us know what the pitch is so we can be sure you order the proper cupola base.



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